F. A. Q.'s . . . Basic Training


What Are The Seen & Unseen Realms. . . ?

Most would call them borderlands. . . places of mystery, sometimes glimpsed at twilight near the edges of frequented places. . . perhaps under the eaves of a dark forest or through the fog out on the moors . . . places at once beautiful and perilous. . . places that call with the Sirens Song.

The territories "Beyond The Fields That Are Known" hold within their borders a wide variety of very strange things, most of which are not well covered by the local library. And this is to be expected. After all, most people live their entire lives without crossing into this country. The ways into it are hidden and carefully guarded against accidental discovery. Only the most determined seeker ever gets more than a fleeting glimpse. But WE know the way. . .


Who Are We. . . ?

We are a loose confederation of seekers united by our shared interest in the mysteries of time, space & imagination. Our members hail from every walk of life, every philosophy, every clime. We are the Adventurers who Range Beyondtm.

We have sailed with the Flying Dutchman & ridden with the Headless Horseman. We have been to Olympus & Shangri-La, Atlantis & El Dorado, the Rainbow Bridge & the Isle of Avalon. We have hunted the Golden Fleece & the Great White Whale.


What Is Our Quest. . . ?

We have been to the Elephants Graveyard & the Well at World’s End. We guard the Eye of the Pyramid and the Ruby Slippers. We travel the Winds of Time & march the Glory Road.

What We Offer . . .?

. . . A portal to our Realms, those places of impossibly high mountains, uttermost gulfs & achingly blue skies, of fantastic vistas and twisted labyrinths, of incredible light and grim darkness.
. . . Affiliation with & Guidance from Those Who Have Been There & Know The Way Back tm.

What's To Worry. . . ?

Always Remember. . Legends are rife with tales of travelers who have ventured alone and unaided into the Realms hereabouts and lost their way or worse. The dangers can be VERY real. Keep to the paths and pay attention to your surroundings.