. . . Special Thanx Ta . . .
This is where we finally get to offer our deepest heartfelt thanks to all the people and organizations who have touched our lives over the many, many years since we inherited the helm of this unbelievably old organization, helping us to keep the Order going through thick and thin. They may not have known it at the time, but every one of these folks provided some inspiration and/or support that allowed us to get past one tough spot or another. Each of them, in their own special way, has helped us achieve the once waning dream of passing our Ancient & August traditions on to yet another generation.
Love ya, gang!. . .This site is dedicated to you.
Alchemy Café Culinary Magic
Aries Press Runic Intrepretation
Backwoods Butchie Mysteries Of Water
Big Daddy Don G. Mysteries Of Fire
Blessed Realm Lights Road Crew Illuminati
Bradley R. Master Zymurgist
Dana & Cece / Rimfire Ranch Harvest Home
Del O'C / House Of Sagittarius Adepti Astrologicus
Don S. / Archery Custom Mysteries Of Air
Fairport, Steeleye & Switchback Sonic Sorcery
Fat Guy (walk-in tech support ) Codecs & Cantrips
H.H. Ms Pinchorey Ambassador To Shangrila
Jinx Devil in the Red Dress
Joe D. / Bucket O'Suds Magister Of Mixology
Kraekursa Cauldron of Revealing
Kristin Aubade Of The Arts
Mind Resources, Tom & Tuesday Neuromancy
Mom Fundamental Advisor
Mutha Blues Review Crossroads Craft
Paust's Woods Lake Resort Mysteries of Earth
Ram Rod Ambassador to Never-Never Land
Sabrina Teenage Witch
Scratch Imp Familiar
Sharron & Jim E. Numerologists
Steve S. Adeptus Graphicus
St. I. Du'Fine Once & Future King
Teddy McDonnell Terror of County Mayo
Tim Hodel Ascended Master
Wade Center Advisors on Matters Middle
and last but by no means least, all Members & Friends of the Order everywhere!
last updated 02/29/2008
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